May 27, 2024


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Baby Kimono – Traditional Design Brings More Benefits

Baby kimonos are increasingly popular these days and are now available from baby clothing stores worldwide. The styles, designs, colours and fabrics give parents an choice like never before. However, the traditional authentic Japanese style baby kimono is still the one to beat in terms of design and functionality.

One of the main reasons they are so popular is because of the ‘wrap style’. All new parents will tell you that not having to pull anything over a baby’s head (especially a newborn) makes changing time far easier for all concerned. And it is this element of the baby kimono that most modern styles and variations highlight as the key selling point.

However, the traditional Japanese style offers more than this.

First of all, traditional Japanese fabrics and textiles are world renowned for their quality and durability. You can be confident that Japanese fabrics will wash well, stay in shape and will maintain the vibrancy of their colours. Indeed, traditional Japanese dyeing and printing uses wonderful, bright and vibrant colours that make baby kimono stand out.

Another reason is to do with how they are fastened. Unfortunately, most modern styles use an excessive number of poppers. While these are convenient for quick changes, they are restrictive and do not allow for much room for babies to grow – not to mention being potentially dangerous. Japanese style use cloth ties which are adjustable to babies of different sizes.

Finally, when you have an inside layer in the wrap you can place the care label away from the baby’s skin – which is very sensitive especially amongst newborns.