May 19, 2024


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Baby Slings – Advantages and Disadvantages of This Type of Baby Carrier

Baby slings are very popular these and there are lots of parents who would testify that this is one of the greatest thing that they have used to take care of their baby. They can easily move around and do all their chores while carrying their baby. They will not have to buy expensive gadgets to entertain their baby because they do not have to part with their baby just to do what they have to do inside or outside the house. There are lots of good things that a baby sling could give but there are also some not so good things that you should know about before you decide buying one for your self.

Let us start with looking at the advantages of using a baby sling. If there is one thing that most parents like about baby slings, it is the ease of use. Baby pouches are simply a tube of fabric that slip over your shoulder, and your baby rides inside the pouch. They are soft to the touch and made from a variety of fabric. There are even some that are padded to ensure maximum comfort for baby and parent. Ring slings are another variation of baby slings that adjust with a metal ring and have a long tail.

You can choose the kind of position in which you want to carry your baby depending upon their developmental stage. Some babies do not like to be carried in a reclining or cradle position so you can opt for the tummy to tummy position with a ring sling to prevent the baby from being irritable. Many baby carriers such as baby slings let you use both of your hands to do some other tasks and you can also keep your baby close to you at the same time.

They are also great for nursing your baby. Much needed privacy can be provided when breastfeeding your baby in a public place. You will not have to limit your self inside your home because you need to constantly feed your baby and going out will be more enjoyable for you. You can also bring your baby sling with you when traveling. They can be folded up to a small and compact size so you can surely find a place for them inside your bag.

One disadvantage of using a baby sling is that all of the weight of your baby is supported with one shoulder. While most baby sling manufacturers recommend a 35 pound weight limit, parents often find that around 20 pounds they need more support. A two shouldered baby carrier such as a mei tai, a baby wrap, or a baby backpack are often good choices for older heavier babies that provide long lasting comfort. Another problem with baby slings, in particularly baby pouches, is obtaining correct positioning.

When carrying a newborn in the cradle position, great care must be give to proper positioning and the positioning must be checked frequently. Improper positioning can result in compromising the airway. A babies chin should never be tightly pressed to their chest. One or two fingers should easily slide under the chin. Alternatively the tummy to tummy position is preferred for newborn or young babies and can easily be done with a ring sling. In this position your baby is carried high on your chest, in an upright position, and you can easily keep a close eye on your baby.