May 27, 2024


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Buying the Best Fetal Doppler

Becoming a parent is the most wonderful feeling in the world. There are no words which can describe the happiness of the moment. But amidst this happiness, the most difficult situation is to be patient in the period that you found out that you are expecting and till the moment the little one is born.

In parenting, every first thing is special, from the first words, to the first step to the first smile. In this difficult period of waiting, the one thing that is comforting to the parents is to hear the heartbeats of their baby. It is a fact that babies develop their hearing sense from almost 23 weeks. Some parents try to connect to their babies at this early age by either reading them a story or by singing them a song. This way they feel their connection to their baby. Many parents want to hear their baby’s voice and they are able to do so with the help of a Fetal Doppler. A fetal Doppler enables the parents of the baby to hear their unborn child’s heartbeat and they get to do so sitting at home.

The Uses of a Fetal Doppler

The Doppler can be used for several things. If the pregnancy is predicted to be risky or if there has been a miscarriage or failed pregnancy in the past, then listening to the baby’s heartbeat can provide the much needed assurance to the mother that her baby is safe. It allows the mother to remain calm. Remaining calm is very important because the elevated heartbeat and pulses of the mother might put the life of unborn child in danger.

Choosing the right Doppler

There are many fetal Dopplers available in the market that claim that they can pick up even the slightest sounds but it is not always true. While selecting a fetal Doppler, make sure that the fetal Doppler has good reviews and that it actually works. Not all Doppler available in market are accurate enough to hear the sounds in the womb. The best feature of this Doppler is its compact size. The Doppler available is as small as a palm and still hears the voices in the womb with great accuracy. Many parents have heard their baby’s heartbeat using such Doppler as early as 11 weeks.

These fetal Dopplers come with two jacks which means that both the parents can hear the heartbeats at the same time. A data cable is also provided which enable the parents to record the sound on a computer. This way you can listen to the heartbeats whenever you want and can send it to anyone to hear all around the globe. The Doppler is very easy to use and is also completely safe at the same time. There is no direct contact between the baby and the fetal Doppler which makes it very safe to use.