May 27, 2024


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How Do You Get A Baby To Sleep – Secrets Revealed

The most common problem all new parents face once they bring their little bundle of joy home is: How do you get a baby to sleep? Yes! Unfortunately, the little bundles of joy and endless cuteness can turn your once peaceful nights into terrifying nightmares.

Although new parents may feel that this cycle of turmoil will have no end, there always is light at the end of the tunnel. Not many expectant mothers anticipate the ritual of sleepless nights before they have delivered their babies.

The whole ordeal of giving birth whether naturally or through a C-section, can be pretty traumatic on its own. So once the exhausted mother comes home from the hospital with her newborn, the last thing she wants is to soothe a crying baby constantly. All she wants is to rest.

White Noise

Imagine a life where all you do is sleep, wake up for a bit, move your arms a little and kick around and later on sleep some more. There are no worries in the air, the environment is safe and secure, and all you do is repeat the same things.
Once you are removed from that peaceful environment ( your mummy’s tummy) of course, you will cry at how drastically your life has changed. With bright lights, lots of noise, numerous new faces, and the whole idea of drink, sleep, poop repeat can prove to be overwhelming.
To calm babies down and sleep more through the night, all parents should invest in white noise. This noise imitates the sounds the baby hears when it is inside it’s mommy’s womb. This can help in relaxing the baby by imitating the sound of its ‘safe place’ and allowing it to sleep soundly.

A Relaxing Bath May Do The Trick
How do you get a baby to sleep when it is super tired from playing all day? To relax the muscles, all babies need a warm, soothing bath at the end of the day. It helps in relaxing their muscles and calming them.

Make sure that you massage your baby once a day. Babies who are crawling or starting to move around a bit need to be massaged to help them sleep better. If you couple massages followed by a warm bubble bath, your baby will surely go to sleep faster.

Your Baby’s Tummy Must Be Full
If your baby has outgrown the newborn stage and is starting to nibble on some purees or solids, the chances are that he/she will have a sound sleep at night. How do you get a baby to sleep who’s tummy isn’t full?

If the baby doesn’t eat or drink enough before going to bed, he/she will continuously wake up asking for more food. Make sure that your little one goes to sleep on a full stomach. So if any of your friends ever ask you how do you get a baby to sleep, share these useful points with them.