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Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which Is Better?

Shopify vs WooCommerce - Which is Better & Why? (2023)

If you are searching for the best Web Hosting company for building your online store, this blog will help you make a better-informed decision. Among the many available web hosting sites, Shopify and WooCommerce are the most widely known eCommerce platforms available. 

In this article, we’ve mentioned different factors that will clear all your queries about both web hostings.

Shopify is a cloud-based fully-hosted eCommerce platform that allows users to create an online store and sell products. WooCommerce, on the contrary, is an open-source plugin for WordPress that allows users to add eCommerce functionality to their existing WordPress websites.

Where you have to pay for added features in Shopify, you don’t have to worry about the WooCommerce pricing in India, as it comes as a WordPress plugin and doesn’t have any hidden cost afterwards; it’s free. You can buy WooCommerce from any of the available providers in India.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Key Differentiation Matrices

  1. Different Features


  • It has an efficient interface and a dashboard that helps you manage all orders from a single place.
  • You can make payments securely using the payment options enabled within Shopify. 
  • It provides different design templates to help you quickly set up your online store. 


  • Using the WooCommerce builder tool, you can manage inventory, orders, and customer engagement through a unified dashboard.
  • WooCommerce tool is straightforward to use, and it comes with a user-friendly interface that helps users easily navigate through all the features.
  • The tool allows third-party integration with PayPal and Stripe for adding payment functionality to the online store.
  1. Customisation Options

Both Shopify and WooCommerce provide different templates for designing online stores. However, one of the best parts of Shopify is that it provides a drag-and-drop editor that helps you quickly design your online store’s layout.

Also, WooCommerce is more flexible than Shopify, especially for customised template availability. For instance, the available templates include product pages, checkout pages, and email templates.

  1. Pricing & Plans

Shopify is costlier compared to WooCommerce. However, WooCommerce is more affordable, especially for users with a WordPress website. Additionally, users must pay extra fees for add-on features, while WooCommerce does not charge any extra fees. 

Shopify offers different pricing plans, starting with the Basic Shopify plan at 199 USD per month. WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin with different plans depending on the WooCommerce Hosting provider in India. 

  1. Integration and Add-ons

Shopify and WooCommerce offer different integration and add-on options. 

Shopify provides third-party integrations and add-ons with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, whereas WooCommerce offers plugins such as payment gateways, shipping plugins, and marketing tools.


Shopify is well-known for its user-friendly interface, making navigating through all the features easier. In addition, it offers multiple templates to set up a customised online store that best matches your brand requirements. 

On the other hand, WooCommerce Hosting in India is more common among users that don’t need to pay any upfront fees, as it’s a free plugin for WordPress. However, it comes with a more complex setup than Shopify. So, analyse your needs and choose a platform that suits your requirements better.