April 21, 2024


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All About Residential EV Charging Stations

Electric Cars are going trendy these days, people are purchasing Electric vehicles for their convenience and to save more from buying gas. Getting an electric car requires you to charge to a Charging station. Since Electric vehicles are selling like hotcakes, public EV charging stations are available, however, it will be better if you have your very own residential EV charging station. People who have Electric cars prefer having their  Residential EV Charging Stations so they can charge their cars anytime they want to. Before getting one take a look at the factors to be considered when getting one. 

Charger Location 

EV  Charger needs a space, although some may fit in your garage. Some models require bigger space, it should be big enough and other factors should also be looked upon. The location should be away from too much exposure to rain, sun, or anything that can damage it. Although it is durable for outdoor space, protecting it can make its durability longer. Make sure to have an area at home to place your residential EV charging station.  


These charging stations are easily installed. You can ask for assistance from technicians to know the do’s and don’ts using EV charging stations, getting help from them can make it more convenient and at the same time safer. Since they know better about installing this device. Take note that the installation fee is not included in the amount that you paid when you purchase. Get ready with your budget. 


The cost of the Electric vehicle charging station varies depending on the type you want to avail of. Ranges from  $300 to $40,000 for high-level EV charging stations. It will only cost you $12 to get a fully charged battery which can help you save almost 50% of your fuel cost when using gasoline. You may have spent money on purchasing EV charging stations but you will save a lot of gasoline money for the next coming years. It is, therefore, a good investment and a good way to save money, instead of spending it on car gasoline.  

Eco Friendly

It is said that Electric cars produce less greenhouse gas emissions than cars that use fossil-fueled source gas. Being able to emit fewer air pollutants when using your car can be less worrying for you, especially if you are an environmentally friendly person. Getting an EV Charging station can help you reduce the usage of electricity from the commercial source which could also lessen the production of toxic gases. You can then contribute to making the air clean. 

Flexible Use for Devices

These can also power up other devices in your home but with some modifications. You can use it as a power source for some of your home appliances. Using this can lower your electricity bill. Permits are however needed in this case. 

Each Ev charging station is classified according to levels. These levels can tell you if they are suitable to be used on home devices. Be familiar with them to be able to determine which one can fit your needs best. Also, don’t be hesitant to ask opinions and suggestions from your EV charging station technicians about the difference between these devices. In that way you will not regret your purchase, knowing what’s best before getting one is a smarter idea than just getting what’s cheaper. 

Contact your EV Charging Station Agent

When planning to buy it is wiser to choose among the popular agents or companies that sell EV charging devices to be able to get the best one. Search local stores near you, choosing them will be more convenient for you to ask inquiries if needed. Another thing will be, just in case you need repairs then they can assist you faster. Also, choose a legit company to get quality products and services.  

Having an Electric car can be expensive if you have to use a public Ev charging station but you can save more if you invest in having your own home Ev charging station. Residential EV Charging Stations are recommended to people who have electric cars since it is a must for them to have one. But before getting one be sure to take note of all the factors mentioned above it can help you get the best quality of Residential EV Charging Station suitable for your home.