July 23, 2024


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Baby Toys Review: Baby Einstein Octoplush

Baby Toys Review: Baby Einstein Octoplush


In today’s competitive world, parents want to give their children the best possible start in life. Along with love and affection, it’s also important to engage even the youngest children in meaningful play. With that philosophy in mind, Baby Einstein®toys are designed to offer a series of stimulating shared experiences between parents and their babies. These experiences help babies discover the world while promoting loving interaction with their parents. The whole point of Baby Einstein® baby toys is to help parents provide a loving and rich experiential world for their babies. Here’s some information about an adorable plush toy we like from Baby Einstein®: the lovable Octoplush.

Overall Rating:4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Key Features:

The Baby Einstein®Octoplush is a serious developmental toy masquerading as a multi-textured, soft and huggable plush octopus. When babies hug Octoplush, they will hear a melody that encourages them to further explore the carefully-designed textures on the toy. As the baby gets older, the colored fabric patches stitched to the toy’s velour legs encourage learning the names associated with each color. All the baby needs to do is squeeze one of the patches to hear a vocalization of the associated color’s name. Octoplush speaks the color names in English, French and Spanish, and patterns of the color names in multiple languages can be found on the underside of each leg. The toy also has a volume control.


About $14.99

Product Description:

This charming octopus, like other Baby Einstein®toys, is uniquely designed from a baby’s point of view, not an easy task. It is a unique real-world object that gives parents the perfect opportunity to introduce their babies to a variety of experiences rooted in music, language and nature — a true infant multimedia encounter facilitated by a soft, attractive toy. The Octoplush is designed to encourage the important and meaningful play that enriches the baby’s experiential world in a significant way that encourages positive development.

More Product Information:

For a baby to be happy and healthy, substantive interaction with parents and the outside world is essential. This Baby Einstein® plush octopus helps the baby develop positively because of the parental interaction it creates. Think of it as a tool that helps parents expose their babies to the world around them in ways that are both engaging and playful. The result? Aroused curiosity stimulates the baby’s mind long before it ever is exposed to other, less desirable stimuli such as television. In fact, a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that nearly 70% of all babies under the age of two years are exposed to and watch screen media every day. It’s important to counter such exposure with meaningful human interaction. The Octoplush helps parents provide that essential interaction.


We like the Baby Einstein® Octoplush because it’s a toy that can grow with a baby, and that helps even the youngest infant begin to interact positively with both parents and the outside world.