June 20, 2024


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Louisiana Nursing Industry: Facts About Nurse Staffing Agency

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Learning more about nurse staffing agency in Louisiana can be useful if you are a nurse who wants to try working with one. Working with a nurse staffing agency can give you more benefits and be able to get more exposure that you need in your career. But before doing know how it works and how it can help you expand your career. 

What Benefits Do Nurses Get from a Nurse Staffing Agency in Louisiana?

Higher Rates 

Hourly rates paid to nurses who work under an agency are higher compared with the pay of regular nurses. That’s why more nurses prefer to work with an agency despite not getting a full schedule since the pay can equate to the annual income of a regular nurse who has to work 6 days a week and with complete shifts every day. 

More Job opportunities 

A nurse who works with an agency can have more job opportunities since the nurse staffing agencies are connected with several healthcare facilities. This means they can give you more assignments, especially this pandemic season. So you can take advantage by taking all the assignments you can get and rest once you have the opportunity to. 

Flexible Schedule 

Nurses working under staffing agencies can pause from work if they want to, they can decline assignments when given to them and they can also accept as much as they can handle. This means they are free to manage their schedule and set some time for the things they want to do for their individual growth or professional growth. 

More Exposure 

Nurses get assigned to different healthcare facilities and they can get exposed to different working environments. This exposure can help them develop their adaptability as well as their interpersonal skill in dealing with co-workers, patients, and other people they encounter during their assignment. 

Opportunity to Get assigned to Different Places

Nurses can be assigned outside their residences, in different states, or even in different countries depending on the need for nurses in other places. This can give nurses chances to visit the places they want to go to. Traveling can be expensive but if you will be working with a nurse staffing agency you can enjoy traveling without spending much since your agency will be giving travel reimbursement on the expenses you have that are job-related. 

Find Professional Connections 

As a nurse, it is always part of your goal to advance your career. By getting acquainted with a lot of doctors and nurses, they can serve as potential connections for your future career just in case you need references or recommendations. They can even be your future employers. 

Enhance Skills and Knowledge 

As you get exposed to different working environments you will be able to enhance your skills and knowledge because not all healthcare facilities have the same equipment and routines. These different setups can enhance your skills in navigating and operating different medical equipment as well as broaden your knowledge on how to handle different working environments. 

How To Choose the Most Reliable Nurse Staffing Agency?

Considering The following factors when choosing a nurse staffing agency to join can help you select the best one:


Choose a nurse staffing agency that has an established business and has been doing the business for years. This can determine that they can indeed support you as their nurse if you decide to work with them. Make sure that they have the necessary permits to operate as well as hire nurses. 

Availability of Assignments 

Check their availability of assignments so you can be assured that you can get the number of assignments you will be expecting. A reliable nurse staffing agency should be able to give you enough assignments to be able to cover your finances as well as earn savings.

Contracts and Insurances 

Contracts are important when you will be working with a nurse staffing agency since this will be your assurance that you have a good deal as you work with them. For the insurance, this will serve as your security as you get assigned to different areas and facilities.  

Learning about the Louisiana Nursing Industry: facts about nurse staffing agency can help you know what to expect and how to prepare yourself to join a nurse staffing agency.