April 21, 2024


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Reasons Why 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring is a Good Choice

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Engagement rings come in many forms and designs. It’s hard to choose especially if you don’t have enough knowledge about the ring you want to buy. At Least you have to know about the basics of diamonds. You can not get a good one if you don’t know how to check it’s basic characteristics. Let us help you decide by giving you knowledge about one of the most popular engagement rings which is the  1 carat round engagement ring.  A 1-carat round engagement ring  is one of the most recommended rings you could purchase for your partner. You can actually get one of the best 1 carat round engagement rings in Dallas. Get an idea of how to get the ideal 1 carat round engagement ring by being familiar with some of the details about diamonds. 

Guides in Buying 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

How Much is 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring?

You can check the prices of 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring online or walk-in on shops, this way you will know how much budget you have to set aside. Price may start at $1,800 and can go up to $12,000 since many factors affect the pricing. Cut, clarity, shape, and color are the main factors to be considered when it comes to pricing a 1-carat diamond. Set your budget now so you can have more time to save for the big event. 

4C’s of 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring

  • Clarity

For all diamonds 1 carat or more it will still be best to get a diamond without inclusions. Inclusions are blemishes on diamonds although they can not be seen by the naked eye. They can have an impact on the brilliancy of the diamond. VS2 grade will be ideal to get since its inclusion can be invisible to the naked eye. 

  • Cut

The shape of the diamond round is recommended since it can have a bigger table. Even if Girls are very particular about the shapes they wear on their body, round usually fits everyone when worn. Your jeweler will know how to cut your diamond properly so it can preserve its sparkle. Finding a jewelry shop that has an expert diamond cutter will be the best choice. 

  • Color

GIA color grade D to Z will be better for 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring. This range of colors will be good in any setting you choose. Consult your jeweler what fits best for your engagement ring. Choosing color can also be based on your partner’s skin tone. Choose a setting that matches her skin color.

  • Carat

Getting a perfect 1 carat is not that easy, so 1 carat plus decimal points will be good enough. Ask advice from your jeweler on what’s the best cut they can make.  

How Big is a 1 Carat Round Engagement Ring?

Even if they are all 1 carat they will still have size differences. A 1-carat diamond usually has a diameter of 6.5 cm of the round. Some other shapes have bigger surfaces. The way diamonds are cut can affect their brilliancy. You can prefer a cut that has a bigger table surface so it can spark more, besides girls love sparkly diamonds. 

Where Can I Buy a Carat Round Engagement Ring?

Select stores that are known in Dallas. The popularity of a store tells you how good the quality of their rings is. Online stores are also available, you can check and compare ring details on their websites. Checking on several shops can give you an idea of which one suits best for what ring you are looking for. Visiting physical stores will also have advantages since you can see the rings in actuality. 

These are all the pointers you have to put in mind when shopping for  1 carat round engagement ring in Dallas Jewelry store. Start canvassing now and be ready once your proposal day comes. Be smart in choosing the perfect 1-carat diamond engagement wrong for your partner. Choose one that can make her happy and one that she can keep for a long time. Engagement rings are expensive but what really matters is how you can make your partner happy because you are finally ready to commit to marrying her. Engagement rings are made to make your partner say “yes” with a big smile.