April 21, 2024


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Top Essential and Decorative Items that Every Hotel Room Should Have

Modern hotels have been very innovative regarding every detail or item they want to offer their guests – amenities, decorations, interior design, and the likes.  If you are after the newest trends in interior designs, you may opt to check essential and decorative items in every hotel room that would surely capture the guests’ attention and would likewise offer them comfort. 


For many guests, a high-quality set of blinds for the hotel room’s windows can help them relax or help them have a sound sleep after a long journey. For instance, while resting at some accent chairs, the guests can also have a good time looking at the captivating designs of the blinds.

There is a wide variety of good quality blinds, which every hotel room must-have. The texture and patterns of blinds must complement the tonal colors inside the room. However, one must pick the versatile and durable one for hotel rooms.


One of the comfy items that any guest would love to enjoy in a hotel room is a set of lovely decorative chairs – be it accent chairs, armchairs, or functional chairs, etc. The stunning style, relaxing design, and tone of colors of accent chairs must also fit the good-feel atmosphere inside the hotel room.

Elegant and comfy chairs can really earn a lot of excellent reviews and Instagrammable blog posts from hotel guests. That is also the reason the hotel’s interior designer must be very careful in choosing the right chairs to be displayed in the room.

Bed Pillows

Bed Pillows are essential items a hotel room must have since they add flavor to the room style and help the guests feel “at home” while resting. Decorative pillows are a catchy option, but the texture must still be hygienic as that of white pillows.

Air Purifier

The presence of an air purifier in a hotel room is a big plus for its proponent. The guests would think that the hotel management is also after their health and comfort while staying in the hotel. In choosing the right air purifier, one must have an eye for trends and designs that would fit the room. A minimalist kind of air purifier is also a good choice since it only needs a little space in the room.

Hygiene Kit

Some guests have their own toiletries with them, but some still expect the basic hygiene kit present in the hotel room. This kit is essential to most guests, especially for grooming. Innovations with hygiene kits are also being executed by hotels, to where they add some designs and twists to the items. This is done to elevate their sense of style in the room and preserve guests’ comfort while leaving them with a good impression.

Luggage Rack and Hangers

Traveller guests find the luggage rack and abundant hangers to be an essential part of the hotel room. This is where they will put their clothes and other stuff, which means they also want them to be put in a good place, not only to the room’s floor.

The hotel room’s closet is a good must-have. They designed some hotel closets with a mirror in front for dual purposes. It is also important that they can lock the closet with a key for the guests to use in safekeeping their important belongings.

It is also important that the closet has an abundant number of hangers inside. Three hangers won’t suffice for guests staying for a few days or even weeks. It is good to know that hotels are now very sensitive and aware of their guests’ necessities.

Hotel Mini Fridge

This item offers convenience to guests as they can always put here some of their leftovers and even some drinks. It is a good sign for hotels that they consider this mini fridge essential in every room. The mini-fridge is one of those items that need to complement the closet or table inside the hotel in a way that it’s unnoticeable at first, with an element of surprise as well.

Indoor Plants

New trends for modern hotel rooms are the captivating beauty of indoor plants, together with their decorative pots. Plants can really add spice and life to a plain room. Indoor plants are good air purifiers and have other wonderful benefits to the guests’ health.

The decorative pots of indoor plants must also go with the tonal colors of the room. Earth-tone colors and native pots are one of the trendy items today.


In checking the essential items inside a hotel room, one must consider the convenience, comfort, and safety that these items can give to the guests. Are they necessary? Are they helpful? Are they safe? – a few questions one must always consider.